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You wanna know something that really pisses me off? The "Support your troops" ribbons you see on peoples cars now adays. Now, I know you're probably thinking WTF? but i have good reason. I have yet to see a place that sells those ribbons that actually says something along the lines of "a portion of your purchase will be donated to local military families in need" or soemthing similar. People will put these on the cars, but other than that, are they actually doing anything about it? Probably not. I bet if asked someone who had that on their car, and was not part of a military family themselves, they couldnt say they have done a damn thing to support the troops, just support the magnet factory making profits off of people giving their lives for some 'cause' and for their country. Its so easy to donate something to send over in care packages (if you're at TX State, there is a Hygeine product drive going on right now). Its very nice that you have the troops in minds, but other than sticking a magnet on your car.. go and actually do something about it
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