Tamara (tamartini) wrote,

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It's so beautiful outside today, I looovve weather like this. The sky was totally clear, and the temperature is starting to cool down. Even though I would like it if it was a bit cooler, I'll take it. Today hasnt been too bad. I did really crappy on my Fine Arts test, but hey they drop the lowest grade, so I should be fine. I think that its the same case with all of my classes, (i hope anyway). I barely freakin passed my History exam, which had to be the hardest test I've ever taken... But i know the next test I'll ace, because I remember everything we have been over so far.. holla for AP history. And history was actually pretty good today, but that was because there was an Australian guy that came and spoke to us about some tours we can take over the summer... and we all know that australians make everything better... but yes, even though i should try to find something to do outside.. i think a nap is sounding alot better..
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