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Fuck... yep, thats it, fuck

So, I had a pretty shitty weekend. Friday, I guess the theme was 'hey, lets feel like shit'. So i had an ugly cough and i decided to puke... thats always super fun. So on saturday I decided to sleep it off so i would be able to make it Michelle's later that evening. Let me give you a word of advice. If you want a quick tan and the mystic tans at tanfastic are broken (both the forum AND quarrys were broken... pinch tanfastic) DO NOT use spray on panty hose on any place on your body other than your legs. That was the hardest shit in the world to get off, and after it was all said and done, i didnt look like paris hilton... i just looked fuckin ridiculous. Saturday night there was no phone call, suprise suprise... and i also i found out some EXTREMELY interesting information. Even though its not gonna change anything, and all it does is anger me... what can you do? people will just forever be assholes. Then... then there was sunday. I really dont feel like going into all the details just cuz i'm so tired. Cliff's notes version: driving back to school, get rear ended bad, smacked my head on the seat, blacked out for a milisecond, there for i went to the hospital for like 2q45352343454 hours (yes there is a q in there) to wait for my catscan results, and apparently I have contusion. Which is basically nasty bruises under the skin on my head and neck...yaaaay! So now, I have no car, my neck hurts like hell, i cant sleep.. but hey, i did get a nifty bracelt with my name on it...
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